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Total Audio and Visual Integration

Whether you’re entertaining or relaxing, enjoy a customized audio and visual experience. With an array of easy-to-use controls and an endless list of entertainment sources, we create solutions for each and every room in your home. Using Sonos wireless speakers, we can unite your digital music collection in one app that you can control from any device.

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Home Theater Design

Home Theater Installation


Custom Theater Design Experiences

Our customized Home Theater designs and installations are of the highest quality. With a choice of displays and screens and carefully integrated surround sound we can replicate the viewing experience of the box office theater, right in your home. We can also equip your home theater with seating, lighting control and more.

New and Existing Installations

Whether this is a new home theater installation or you are looking to upgrade an existing system, our experienced and certified home installation technicians and our exceptional customer service team will ensure a custom home theater design that exceeds your expectations.


Whole House Audio


Room-by-Room Audio Control

Imagine simple, seamless control of your favorite music from any room in your home. Intuitive in-wall keypads, touchscreens, or even your smart phone or iPad allow easy to access to iPods, music on your computer, iTunes, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, streaming Internet radio and broadcast radio.

Home Theater Design

Customized for YOU

Our team’s expertise and training in acoustics, room/size dimensions, equipment types, power conditioning and correct methods of installation will create a winning balance of performance — perfect for your needs, taste and budget. Through our unique installation options, hidden displays and specific in-wall speaker placement you can blend your audio entertainment into a Family Room, Formal Living Room, Media Room or any other space.


Surround Sound


Designing a Box Office Experience

Custom surround sound systems bring the home-theater feeling to any room of your house. Dominion installs in-wall/in-ceiling speakers and subwoofers to maximize the experience, and we can acoustically treat the room to make sure every sound is heard correctly while speakers stay as discretely hidden as possible.

Surround Sound System

Surround Sound Makes a Difference

If you are currently only using the speakers on your TV or have less than a 5-speaker surround sound system, you are compressing your audio clarity. Many current movies and TV shows are recorded in a minimum of 5.1 surround sound, which means they are designed for a five speaker surround sound system. Surround sound will make voices and sound tones clear, and can help bring your viewing experience to life.


Televisions & Projectors

HD Televisions


Let Dominion outfit every room in your home with a High-Definition television, from LCD to Plasma to 3D-TV. We offer a wide range of high quality televisions that can be seamlessly integrated with your whole house audio or surround sound, and we’ll help you choose the television that’s appropriate for each room. Using Seura’s state-of-the-art home technology, your home or business can have a TV that is camouflaged into the environment. Add a TV to your kitchen, bathroom, living room and more.

HD Projectors


Projectors provide the ultimate home theater experience. Nothing else comes as close to truly re-creating the viewing experience of a movie theater. Projectors deliver all that and more—images bursting with cinematic detail and color across a larger-than-life screen measured in feet, not inches. Whether DLP, LCD, or LCOS, let our experienced designers help you select a projector and screen perfect for the media or family room in your home.


Audio & Video Control

Our fully integrated systems distribute different audio and video sources to different rooms which can be controlled independently of each other via in-wall or wireless touch pads, or even your smart phone or iPad.


Outdoor A/V Systems

Create the perfect outdoor environment: Using Seura’s outdoor TVs and outdoor speakers from Sonance, you can create the perfect landscape. These outdoor products are made to endure the outdoor elements and blend into your existing landscape.
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Commercial A/V Systems

Music and video technology can enhance any business. From light background music to put shoppers in the mood, to thumping bass to get the dance floor hopping, to a high-definition video display to make your next presentation unforgettable, we can help.

Commercial Services
  • Background Music Systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • Public Address Systems
  • Digital Signage

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